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Going The Distance!

Welcome to OrthoEval. Managed by SBC Corporation. Specializing in orthopedic evaluations since 1999.

Our mission at OrthoEval is to deliver exceptional service to the medical legal industry through comprehensive and precise medical reporting. Our seasoned network of medical professionals is dedicated to generating accurate reports. This includes meticulous evaluation of medical records, determination of causation, assessment of disability periods, impairment ratings, and apportionment. We are committed to providing you with the essential information needed to facilitate an effective resolution of your claims.

Our Physicians

We Deliver Exceptional Services Through Various Physicians Specializing In Qualified Medical Evaluations, Workers' Compensation And Personal Injury. 



A different approach to healthcare management.

At OrthoEval we are staffed with a knowledgeable team establishing lasting professional relationships with MPN's as well as our partners in law.



We partner with a variety of MPN's through patient employers. We require authorizations prior to scheduling a patient for evaluation or treatment. Below are just a few MPN's that we belong to. Note that each MPN are specific to each provider.

Sedgwick Insurance Logo
Corvel Insurance Logo
State Compensation Insurance Fund Logo
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